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In which a Poetic Title Enters the Consciousness
World Without End
Taking Requests 
5th-Jul-2011 02:55 pm
Whut?  AIBAKA <333
So uh, yeah. Still totally failing at the whole updating here thing. But, if I want to write a VN I need to practice some writing and hopefully before my short narrative class on Monday.

I'm taking fanfiction and icon requests at my misc community riceforbrunch and there should be an icon post by the end of the week.

Fanfiction Requests

Icon Requests

God it's muggy. What crappy weather. Uh, if there's anything else that you want to request, a drawing (I'm debating making a post for that but since I can't even get fanfic/icon requests...) a banner, a reformatting of a document in Microsoft Word you can post that here or in any of the other two posts.

Oh! And I was also thinking of making a post for requesting letters. It's good for me to try to get some sort of schedule and it'd be fun. I'd probably require some sort of acknowledgment that you received the letter but I don't think that's unreasonable...
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