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In which a Poetic Title Enters the Consciousness
World Without End
Fanfiction: Midnight Encounter 
10th-Jul-2011 01:18 am
Title: Midnight Encounter
Series: Persona 4
Pairing/Characters(s): Souji + Izanami
Genre: General
Rating: PG/K+
Summary: Prompt from badbadbathhouse. Izanami unlocks the potential in people to try to bring back her lost husband Izanagi.
Word Count: 269
Notes: I had originally decided not to post this, but you know. I haven't written any fanfic for awhile and I was making minor editing changes to the posts already here so... Also people should request fanfic from me! D:<


“The Wild Card.” The voice surrounds Souji as he holds his blade amidst the fog. He waits for tonight’s lesson.

This dream starts like many others, but it’s different somehow. This is not the voice of Igor, or even Margaret, but at the same time… the voice is not unfamiliar.

“The Wild Card. The ability to do anything. To wield any power. A God among gods.” Her voice is both smooth and somewhat heavy, like a woman who has experienced life and that that life pulled on her until her voice had no choice but to follow.

“I found you!” the statement seems to echo excitement and bitterness at the same time. Who is this woman? “After all these years… I finally found you!” the two intonations seem eerie, but melodic at the same time.

“I tried so many times… I didn’t think it would ever happen. The Wild Card. The elusive Wild Card…”

Souji stares at the fog and finally finds a slight shadow. He takes a step towards it, but is interrupted.

“NO!” Both voices merge to become something frantic. “Don’t come any closer! I don’t want to be remembered this way.” There is a raw hurt in her voice, the pain of regret and living with consequences. “My beloved. Don’t remember me this way!”

The desperation resonates within Souji and without even thinking about it he murmurs, “Izanami?”

She chuckles. “You’ve always been too perceptive for your own good.”

The fog thickens until everything turns black. Souji wakes up from an intense dream he cannot remember. Somehow he feels like a relationship has intensified, but whose?
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