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In which a Poetic Title Enters the Consciousness
World Without End
[Fanfiction Challenge # 1 - Bad Luck]: Irony 
18th-Sep-2006 06:16 pm
I got this challenge from skip_beat After a little help from riyuen I changed it a little bit. Thought I'd put it up here so that this livejournal actually has something useful in it. I'm thinking of changing the wallpaper to something that would look better in the plus format so I can have more userpics


Life is wonderful!

Less than a week ago I graduated from middle school as the number one ranked in my class (Shochan was 20th). A day later, Okami-san said there was nothing else to teach me, and that she could leave the inn to someone like me with pride. What did I learn? Well, I caught a cold and managed to smile and perform all of my services perfectly despite my pain. (My nose didn’t even run!)

Two days after that when I was all better I received an acceptance letter to my dream school. It’s a very prestigious all girls academy and Okaasan (who was spending a day at home, surprisingly, to take a break from all of her business trips) had been so proud of me that she promised if it was allowed that she would buy me makeup for the first day of school. Can you believe it? Me? Wearing makeup?! Oh it’d be so wonderful…

Where was I? Oh yes and now three days since then I’m waiting for Shochan. He said he had something really important to ask me… Oh! Here he is!


Kya~! Today is the best day of my life! Shochan said that Okami-san was pushing for him to marry a Plain Jane from our hometown, but he wanted to be famous. That’s why he’s leaving and going to Tokyo. I know, that sounds sad, my prince?! Leaving?!? But then he asked me the question he wanted to meet with me to ask. Shochan… Shochan… Shochan… he asked me to come with him! Could you believe it?!? Out of all the people in our town, Shochan asked me! Of course I said yes. I guess now I can’t work at the inn or go to high school, but Shochan chose me! I’m willing to put my own desires on hold to help Shochan attain his dreams. I wonder when we’re leaving?

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