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I haven't made a dreams related post in years, but the dreams I've had the last two days are relatively interesting to me and I... am not at Wellesley anymore so I can't talk about it with them.

My dreams will be broken into three parts: one for the night before last, one for last night, and one for this afternoon. I must warn any readers that the dreams for last night are not really safe for work in material. I doubt I'll write it graphically but you'll see what I mean when I get to it.

I think I'll use lj-spoilers for this. I like lj-spoilers.

[Night before last]
So the night before last, I dreamed that I was really lonely so I decided to throw a party. Even when this dream was happening though I was pretty confused so I wound up just inviting everyone on my friends list on facebook.

I remember about a day later that there were some people that I did not want to invite who I was still friends with on Facebook, but by that point Manoj had already RSVP'd and I didn't know how to uninvite him. Time passed and in the end he was the only one who could make it.

I had no idea what to do, but then the dream ended so that was good.

[last night]
So I had two dreams last night. The first was actually a fanfiction that I've been meaning to write... I already mentioned it to two of my friends, but basically, I'm trying to write a fic about skull fucking. Yup, you found the NSFW part of my dreams.

Dream 1
So basically, Ginger was being trolled by Rach who kept putting questions in her RP ask box asking if Mukuro was into skull fucking and if he was if Byakuran would fuck his skull and etc. Ginger responded by requesting skull fucking on Written KHR with Byakuran and Mukuro. There are two writers for Written KHR, Rach and me. So I saw this and was like ":O Cool". Which apparently wasn't supposed to be my reaction.

But skull fucking is kind of fascinating to me so I wound up talking about it with our group of friends a lot and basically I found out that we were all way more warped than I thought we were. And they encouraged me to write the fic. So I planned it and started it, but I cannot write making out so it's kind of on hold right now.

My dream started exactly where my fic does and it followed it to the beginning of the kissing, but then it switched perspectives to a room next door. A room where Tsuna was trying to sleep. It wasn't going very well though because he could hear everything Byakuran and Mukuro were saying/doing. I think you could see where this was going. But what made it worse was that while I was kind of omnipotent, Tsuna wasn't but he was also me. So he knew all of the things I had planned for the fic and that combined with what he could hear prevented him any sort of denial. It was basically creeping him out immensely.

He tried using pillows to protect his poor innocent ears, but it doesn't work when a voice in your head is telling you what's supposed to be happening.

And that was the first dream.

Dream 2
The second dream was some sort of adventure. I had a party as in like, a team, and we were going somewhere and looking for something and I don't really remember it all that well. Even though we spent a lot of time in cities (more like towns) for some reason we were always sleeping outdoors.

There were also other parties that we were trying to meet up with. At some point we got everyone together and we all crowded together into a small room. I didn't actually count everyone, but for some reason I knew there were fourteen people. And Manoj was there again D:<

This was the problem with this dream. After the meeting I was really upset so Manoj took me to the camps where everyone was sleeping, behind a grassy hill near a river, and he held me and comforted me as I cried. It was awful. I didn't want to be comforted by him but I didn't have anyone else who could talk to me at the time and I was desperate. It meant I was crying for two reasons and it was just bad.

I woke up pretty upset because I don't understand why I dreamed about Manoj two nights in a row. And now that I've been dwelling on it so much I feel like I'll probably dream about him again. It's awful.

[this afternoon]
This dream was weird. And considering my other dreams that's saying something. There was like, a school trip or something to an anime convention, except it wasn't really an anime convention. It was like a theater performance or something.

Anyway, we were in this darkened theater/convention thing and everything was dark because the lights were off and I know that I already said that it was darkened, but it makes sense for the theater to be dark, but it was dark in the rooms outside the theater too so I don't know.

Anyway, I ran into Sam and they and I started talking about Kingdom Hearts and how apparently after you finish playing it the first time there's an option where you can design what scenes are in what language. Though of course the only choices were English and Japanese.

Wow, I'm over using the word "anyway." Regardless, Sam and I were talking about what parts we preferred to be in what language and I wasn't sure if I wanted it to all be in Japanese or just the opening song. Apparently up until this point I thought it was only the opening that could be in Japanese.

So I ran off to make the changes right away in a... computer lab.... Apparently in my dream Kingdom Hearts was a PC game. The room I was in was also part of the performance/convention thing and looked like the room where you go to do psych studies at Wellesley only the door was in a different place and the table in the middle was also computers. I was at one of the computers in the middle ring that used to just be tables.

Mom came and told me that I had to leave, but I had just started the file and I was still thinking about my conversation with Sam where I had thought about how much I loved the voice actors for the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts. It was very confusing and I was confused because I thought I went home but I was in a public space and why was the computer lab lit when everything else was dark? I really had no idea. I also don't know how my mom found me.

At that point I heard my sister come home so I half woke up and my dream left me.

The end.

So yeah, my dreams were weird. Also I keep typing "Byrakuran" instead of "Byakuran" so that's kind of fail. It's 1:21am now so I think I ought to go to bed.

I managed to chat with Ginger and Diana for a few hours on skype though and that was pretty great. I miss everyone a lot >.< I don't know what I'm going to do if I'm handling a few days so poorly.
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