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In which a Poetic Title Enters the Consciousness
World Without End
12th-Mar-2008 11:05 pm
Ugh from Lucky Star
I have a physics test tomorrow on electricity -_-  I'm not going to say that I'm going to fail it... but the AP class had a very low median and I really don't know what to expect...

My English outline is finished, but it's kind of annoying to find sources that actually support human genetic engineering -_-

Um, I forgot to say it (for those who're interested) but I got a 79 on my econ midterm.  Which is quite lame >.>  But luckily Dwyer said that if you improve on the second midterm he'll replace the first score with the second score too so that's nice.  It was so weird today though...  I mean, one day he asked me what I thought of the class and I freaked out mentally since I don't really like the class that much >.>  So I told him that personally I don't agree with his very liberal views, but that I don't hold it against him since the school has a lot of Democrats in it (which is very disproportionate to wealth of the area by the way u.u).  I don't know why he knows who I am...  That really weirded me out that he asked me.  I mean, I know that I'm always the last person to leave but....  So then today we were talking about the fed and Alan Greenspan and what not.  When class ended I needed to borrow his stapler, so I asked for it and then he started talking to me again >.<  He was like "See?  I'm not only liberal!  I love very conservative Republican economists!" and I smiled and was like "Yes, I actually really liked today's class because it gives the course some balance".

But still, that means he remembered my conversation from weeks ago @_@  Scary....  And after thinking about it I thought that he had only spoken to me the first time since it had been the first time I hadn't even gotten close to falling asleep in class.  (Alas, I fell asleep today T___T  I tried so hard to stay awake since I really liked the subject and the fact that he wasn't complaining about conservatives for once, but I couldn't keep my eyes open -_-xxxx)  So yeah, that's the interesting thing that happened today.  I still don't get why my economics teacher knows who I am when he told us that he probably wouldn't know who we were.  In fact, on the first day he didn't even have to call my name for roll because he already knew who I was @____@  I mean, I was in his room for STAR testing last year, but I didn't think that would warrant learning who I was!  That was only like three days!

No Play Asia stuff today either.  I'm getting reaaaaalllyyyy lazy.  Oh well, I got two more unconfirmed orders today!  It's probably for Hiiro no Kakera 2 Limited Edition since it's such an amazing deal >.>

One more thing!  Today I reread Help! and it's such a cute manga!  I definitely recommend it <333
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