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In which a Poetic Title Enters the Consciousness
World Without End
16th-Mar-2008 11:19 pm
I always seem to post at about 11:20...  I guess I did wind up with a daily time to post xPPP  I just finished cleaning my room and reading chapter 119 of Skip Beat! so I'm totally ready for bed... but I didn't do my poetry homework >.>  I'm such a loser.  This week is going to be the homework week from hell all because I spent Saturday playing KH2 and Friday at Kinokuniya >.>  *is a great procrastinator*  It's appropriate that I've already written a poem about that sort of thing u.u

Happy Palm Sunday!  One more week until I can read fanfiction to my heart's content.  And one week until we get our guest from Japan!  I'm totally tempted to ask her to bring me Fujita Maiko CD's... but there's no guarantee she can find them >.<  Oh and Utada Hikaru's new CD comes out this Wednesday~~~  It's called Heart Station like her newest single.  It's really good~!  *managed to download it already*  I am addicted to "Heart Station".  One of the tracks sounds like something out of Exodus only since it's not in English I'm not laughing at the lyrics.  That album really makes me confused lyric-wise.  It makes it hard to believe that Utada Hikaru was born and raised in the US...

So I'll be buying that CD at some point.  Since it doesn't come with a DVD I think I'll wait for the Region 3 version to come out and buy that one (that saves me $10 <333).  I'm patient >.>  I've already downloaded it anyway...  It'll just become legal once I buy the album.

I want a region free DVD player >.>  Since Mom and Dad said "No way ever" to the Japanese PS2 and promised to buy me a region free DVD player instead, I want that player ASAP >.>  I'd go buy it myself, but I'm not allowed to go on the highway to get to Fry's -_-

Today I tried to find images online of Kaguya from Planet Ladder so that I could start making icons for the RP, but there aren't a lot -_-  There used to be a site that had a lot of colored images from the series, but I think it's one of my dead bookmarks T____T  I think I'll have to scan images in myself...  Ugh...  Does anyone know if all of Wing's comics books come with pull out posters or is it just Dragon Knights?  *debating about buying the Japanese version of Planet Ladder*

Um...  yamapikanyaa's birthday party was a lot of fun today :D  One of the girls gave her a Yam Pie in honor of Yamapi.  That was so cute of her :]]]]

I looked up a lot of sale items from play asia for today, but since I need to magically finish my poetry HW in ten minutes I think I'll put them up tomorrow >.>
17th-Mar-2008 03:36 pm (UTC)

Lumen Lunae came out with a pull out poster, but that's also ohkami so I don't really know...>.o...

Good luck making those icons :3
18th-Mar-2008 12:40 am (UTC)
I think I'll try looking at the books at the store and trying to peek through the plastic enough to figure out if there's a poster or not before I order them. I have all the English volumes but... not a lot of color >.
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