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In which a Poetic Title Enters the Consciousness
World Without End
20th-Mar-2008 11:25 pm
I managed to make it before midnight tonight >.<  I don't know what I'm going to do tomorrow.  A friend is coming over so I can't post before the livejournal strike.  I also haven't make my icons yet for this week's la_corda_itest...  I think I might have to not participate in the livejournal strike >.>  I don't really care about the livejournal rules anyway...  Oh well, we'll see what happens.

I felt really bad about lying about the time on my calendar T___T but it's really important to me that I fill that entire month.  It's much more important to me than even my sleep xP

Well, I don't really want to take the time to talk right now, so that'll be it.  I uploaded a ton of stuff for the Evil Empire today >.<
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