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In which a Poetic Title Enters the Consciousness
World Without End
22nd-Mar-2008 11:52 pm
Oops, almost forgot to post >.<  Um, quick update I guess >.>  My Play Asia order came today!  The Happiness single's case was cracked though T___T  I guess it's not the most important part >.>  And the Tsukimori CD had, like, a plastic case @_@  It was like "WHOA!  FANCINESSSSSSS!" 

I hope the Juniors had fun at Junior Prom tonight (They might even still be out right now)

And I totally learned what today is called in terms of Easter.  My guess was correct!  The Saturday before Easter is called:  Holy Saturday.  Yeah, just like Holy Thursday laaameeee.

Hm...  Oh yeah, so since I really liked my la_corda_itest icon that I couldn't submit I've decided to use it as a personal icon and therefore will come back to the Reverein forum!  (Finally >.>).  I'll return next week after the Japanese girl has left.  I'm really excited about her coming, but between my failure of a English essay and my poetry class I don't know how I'm going to survive this week. 

And none of my clothes have been fitting >.>  I weigh myself daily and my weight's the same...  I'm just getting fatter without gaining weight -_-  Don't ask me how that makes sense.  It's the bi-weekly visits to Clover bakery, my sleeping less, my eating more salty foods, and finally.... chewing gum D:<

Somehow chewing gum actually makes you gain weight against common thought.  Chewing gum makes our digestive enzymes go "oooh I have work to do!!!!" and if you chew a lot of gum your enzymes get overworked and become less effective at breaking down the nutrients in your food causing to become fat in the body :O  It shouldn't be a problem if you don't chew a lot... but to try to curb my fidgetyness (which apparently was my only source of exercise >.>) I chew three packs of gum a week minimum.  It makes my tongue feel icky.

Well, I guess I wound up making this long.  Yay me?
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