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In which a Poetic Title Enters the Consciousness
World Without End
28th-Mar-2008 11:11 pm
Ugh from Lucky Star
Not such a great day.  Oh well, I'll summarize the good parts.

I bought Wild Ones volume 2 and discovered that it's the same author as of Help! which I positively love <333  And then I bought La Corda d'Oro volume 7 even though I try to only buy one volume per month (oops?)  Um...

I got into Mount Holyoke College with a Leadership scholarship and I got into Scripps.  I got rejected from Stanford (which was pretty much assumed).  So I still need to hear from Princeton, Yale, and Pomona.  Once I've heard from them I'll make a master list of schools I applied to and their responses.

That's all I guess
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