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In which a Poetic Title Enters the Consciousness
World Without End
n.n ニコニコ 
3rd-Jul-2008 12:18 am
Okay, yesterday sucked right?  Well today was awesome~~~!  Apparently I have a crush on someone >.>  I'm extremely happy to know that I'm finally mature enough to like someone (though maybe it was just that the guys around me sucked?).  Anyway, apparently it's extremely obvious that I like him because everyone knows >.>  But I can't help it!  I think he's really cute and we have similar tastes in music...  Midori says that he's cute in the so ugly he's cute kind of way, but I don't really know...  Today there was a welcome party for the American students at Kendai and he talked to me for most of it.  He didn't even try to talk to other people and when my attention was dragged elsewhere he just waited until I was done.  I managed to get a picture from him when he needed to leave and he put his arm around me!  It made me really happy u.u  The whole time I was talking to him I really really want to hug me so the picture was very nice xP

Anyway, afterwards yamapikanyaa teasted me about it, but I'm not embarrassed about liking him.  I mean, if anything I'm embarrased that even Mr. Sawasaki our mentor of sorts could tell apparently >.<  But I don't have a lot of experiencde in liking boys (I've only ever liked Vincent and if I have any say in the matter it doesn't count) so of course I have no skills in hiding such feelings.  What the others think is weird is that I managed to learn a lot about him while we were talking.  I don't know; I just had a lot of fun.  Multiple times he asked me to email him so that he could have my email address so right before I started this entry I sent him one >.>  I was so nervous about what to mention so in the end I referenced music tastes he had mentioned when we met yesterday.  (Sawasaki-san brought his students that he teaches English to our classroom as a special lesson where we spoke in Japanese and Sawasaki-san's students spoke in English)

Oh, and my host family is extremely nice and everyone that I spoke to at the party was a lot of fun.  The thing that makes me happiest though is that I like someone >.>
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