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In which a Poetic Title Enters the Consciousness
World Without End
Quick Note 
4th-Jul-2008 01:42 am
Today I watched the first episode of Code Blue on television in Japan.  I feel so happy to know that I got to watch an original drama during its original showing.  So I gave Vincent a poor summary of the episode (YAMAPI~~~~~) and I'm going to put it in this livejournal so that I can compare it later on with a true summary since my Japanese sucks.

My status message was "CODE BLUE" by the way.  That's probably why he started the conversation the way he did.
Vincent: heart problem?
7:18 AM me: New drama with Yamapi
  I just watched the premiere <333
 Vincent: oh i see
 me: It's very dramatic
7:19 AM and had a lot of subplots going at once
7:21 AM Vincent: lol
  i'm not subtle enough to notice
7:22 AM me: It's very obvious
  Like there's four new EMS members
  and it's about them
7:23 AM one kind of sucks and is very obnoxious
  but made friends with a 14? year old girl
 Vincent: lol
 me: living in the hospital and suffers from I think kidney failure because she was on dialysis
  and she had to get her arm removed from lack of circulation or something I'm not quite sure
7:24 AM he went from happy to emo
 Vincent: itsalways some bad disease/problem isn't it xD
 me: the first girl kind of sucked but got obsessed with convincing family to come visit a dying patient
  So she went berserk on the phone at the guy's mom and then the lady thanked her for it...
7:25 AM Vincent: lol
 me: second girl was initally really good (the other two sucked) and was given the priviledge (sp?) of being in the EMS helicopter for first w/e
7:26 AM but she spazzed out and became completely useless so they gave her walkie talkie to the only other good one
  and that's Yamapi
 Vincent: ahahaha
 me: He's like amazingly good at what he does but does it emotionlessly and it disturbs everyone
 Vincent: lol why does it disturb everyone
7:28 AM me: well because when everyone's rushing around to try to save the patients
  He just stands there
  and then he'll walk to the guy (no females so far)
  and then asks for tools and does something that instantly stabilizes the guy
7:29 AM And the main four are all new doctors so it doesn't make sense to anyone
  When he went on call the patient had been a 19 year old boy
 Vincent: XDDD
 me: and when the others found out they started spzzing
  but he was like "it doesn't matter
7:30 AM hospital
  it's always the same thing"
7:31 AM Vincent: mhm
7:33 AM sounds
  i don't know how they woudl resolve it though
7:34 AM me: resolve Yamapi? that sounds odd
7:36 AM Vincent: resolve plot twists
7:38 AM me: well the first girl's is kind of resolved ish
  the first guy feels horrible because he was the one do did the surgery to remove the girl's arm
7:39 AM the boss guy is looking for someone to I think lead the hospital and he wants Yamapi so far but Yamapi's supervisor doesn't like Yamapi because he's creepy
  um, and the second girl I think is just doing her best
7:40 AM Vincent: Xd
7:41 AM me: It looks exciting
7:45 AM Vincent: XD

8th-Jul-2008 01:52 pm (UTC)
It sounds scaryyyy :O HAI STEPHIE~
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