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In which a Poetic Title Enters the Consciousness
World Without End
I am so freakin' tired... 
7th-Nov-2008 12:39 am
Whut?  AIBAKA <333
As the subject title says I am so tired I cannot believe it.  I couldn't even stay awake for all of my classes today, but there are some things I wanted to type about so here I am...  I planned to take a nap right after eating lunch today (classes done by 12:20 <333) so I brought the tray up to my room but I guess I was too out of it because I wound up spilling my glass of milk... all over everything...  I got it on my laptop cases, on my shirt, on my pants, on the floor, on my jacket, on my pretty Godiva boxes...  Needless to say it gave me an adrenaline rush that didn't make me very happy.  After cleaning up and eating lunch I went to take my nap but was still too riled to fall asleep quickly.  After like, half an hour I slept for... three hours?  Wow, what a productive day -_-

After my nap I didn't really want to work... at all... so I didn't >.>  I don't even remember what I did...  (I've been having more and more of these lapses...) Oh!  I remember!  I played zOMG with Gabriela... but that was only an hour...  Um, anyways, frittered away time until about 8 when I put together the lap report that I was meeting with my group members for at 9.  At about 8:40 I left for the Wang Campus Center so I could check my mail and it came!  My JyuuxSena doujin!  It was so cute!  It's four stories by three artists and I have to say I like sw_inku 's art the most >.>  But on the topic of my doujin sw_inku  drew a pretty picture for me on the inside cover <333  Tomorrow I'm totally taking it to Japanese and showing it off to anyone I can n.n

So yeah, the main two things I wanted to talk about were the milk and the doujinshi but I also finally came up with the story I want to write with my John Smith and Pocahontas theme xP  (FASH's amazing story "Play Date" inspired me for the content, but I couldn't decide on a pairing.  It shall indeed be an Eyeshield 21 fic).  Hm, and my JyuuxSena fanfiction has 9 reviews now making it tie for first place for one-shot I wrote with the most reviews (what a horribly written sentence).  There was something else...  Oh, so yeah, weekend plans are to write, study, and sleep.  So if anyone invites me anywhere I have to resist the urge and stuffs.  This shall be a good test of self-restraint?  I'm so tired...  At 11pm my brain just stopped working.  I didn't even do my math HW because I kept forgetting to write down the assignment off of First Class (which I still need to write a description for).  I plan to sleep A LOT this weekend T___T  Or I better or I'll definitely fail all of my exams next week.  Oooh that reminds me that I signed up for courses today (that's an important thing to forget x.x).  Next semester I'll be taking Psychology 101, Japanese 102, Biology 110 with Lab, and Writing 125 something or the other to do with Japanese literature.  Yayzzz.  Okay I'm going to sleep now.  I hope I can wake up in the morning...

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