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My Face Feels Weird

Yeah...  I figured I should give an update about the whole getting my wisdom teeth removed thing.  Which oddly enough in my mind is always "Getting my tonsils, wait that's not right what is it...  oh yeah wisdom teeth..."  I am so made of win >.>  Anyways, as the subject line dictates my face feels weird.  Since Koyama is making a weird face in this avatar I felt it fit.  My face feels heavy on the bottom T.T Like when I lean down I feel like there's extra weight pulling my cheeks down.  And I guess there is with the swelling and all but it's weird.  I cannot say that I like it at all D:

So anyways, today I was a vegetable.  After the whole throwing up thing on Saturday Mom and Dad decided that if I didn't want to take any pain medicine I didn't have to so I've been freeeeee from the stupid strong pills that I didn't want to take in the first place.  My gums aren't bleeding unless prodded anymore (like when I brush my teeth) but I'm still rinsing them with a salt water mix to reduce the risk of infection.  It's been three days now though so it should start getting better.  Mom keeps telling me that the swelling is going down but my face still looks like a marshmallow.  I made my sisters take pictures last night so people can see how puffy I was/am, but I am not going to put the pictures on facebook.  I'll show them to those that ask, but that's about it >.>

Back to today.  I finally was coherent enough to read the Harry Potter fanfiction a friend suggested to me so I read the last 30 chapters of it >.>  And some ItaSaku stuff (Paws-Bells writes the best ItaSaku stuff.  Her GaaraSakura stuff is pretty great too but there isn't very much of it T_T).  Yeah...  And I typed up what I haven't typed yet of laenavesse 's birthday fic which is waaay overdue.  It's about half done now and is already past 1500 words.  Which is how I am justifying it not being done yet.  I mean, I haven't written a one-shot over 1000 words since Christmas Sophomore Year so it's been what, three years?  I didn't even really write anything at all Senior Year >.<  And then I need to write that Christmas fic exchange that was due January 5th...  I've been basically avoiding all of my Eyeshield 21 livejournal communities because I'm afraid that the fic I'm getting is already finished and I'll feel too guilty T.T  Well, tomorrow Mom's going to be out all day so I'm going to write my way behind thank you letters and hopefully work on that Christmas fic so I don't have to feel weird writing it at home.  Stupid shounen-ai D:<

Oh!  On a Play Asia note (It's been a long time huh?)  I got a notification about a FFVIIAC version of the PS3 which seems really random to me considering that that's a movie and not a PS3 game, but it comes with a copy of the move (doi) and a trial version of FFXIII which is pretty damn sweet.  And on a random note (it was in the side thingie of the bargains page >.>)  There's a Negima GBA game on sale for $10.  It's called Mahou Sensei Negima! Private Lesson 2 and it's rated Cero B which mean's it's pretty clean but I can't really imagine a clean video game Negima related...

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