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In which a Poetic Title Enters the Consciousness
World Without End
Feelin' Good :D 
25th-Feb-2009 02:30 pm
Mamo and KENN
Hey tharrrrr.  Today is Ash Wednesday and I failed to go to mass for it T.T  But fret not for I managed to have a thoroughly rewarding experience as a result of not attending mass!  (That doesn't make a lot of sense but 'tis the truth fair readers).

So yeah, I went to my premed advisor's meeting thingie (I may be pre-dental but that is how the cookie crumbles) and got a lot of information!  It was nice :D  Then there was a science career fair that started at the same time.  That was fun!  Even though I couldn't get hired anywhere it was nice learning about the different companies (regardless of the fact that I want to go straight to school) and getting free stuff!!!

I got cool things :]]]]  Like, a laptop usb light, a heat pack (the ones with the metal disc that goes "pop" and then creates those tiny crystals), a pedometer, a cup (yayz), puple m&m's, an awesome tote bag, green post its, a cell phone holder (it's a lawn chair, lawl), a first aid kit, and a lot of pens.  I could have tried for a deck of cards too, but I felt quite satisfied with what I got :D

Now I guess back to Lent.  Since it is Lent that means that once again I shall update my livejournal every day at least once!  I hope to do it more than once because that is more fun, but we shall see.  This is the best time of year to see what's going on in my life because I actually type about it.  For Lent this year I am giving up fanfiction again (just reading it, I want to be able to write it since I've actually had inspiration lately and I owe people stuff) and reading "online" manga (i.e. anything off my computer).  This way I can hopefully get less distracted when working and maybe actually read my beautiful LaLa's just sitting in my dorm room all neglected like.  I'm also giving up fried food because it's bad for me to eat so many fries D: 

Yup!   And in honor of this auspicious occasion I won't lj cut this post :P  Sorry to the few people who have me friend listed I guess...

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