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In which a Poetic Title Enters the Consciousness
World Without End
26th-Feb-2009 11:05 pm
Sobbing Hunny from
So...  I am made of fail.  My essay that's due tomorrow for Writ 125 is not getting done >.>  Instead I'm reading kaho_yukimura 's translations of the routes in the Vampire Knight DS game.  Man I want it now x.X  But it's like, $62 so I think I should go buy that R4 thingie so I can just download it >.>

Lent is not going so well.  I like, went into withdrawal or something yesterday so I wound up installing ハートの国のアリス (Heart no Kuni no Alice) and played that for many many hours.  I didn't even read the stupid text.  I cannot believe how text heavy this game is.  I dunno, I was trying to get killed by the Queen of Hearts Vivaldi, but since I got bored just talking to random people I started pursuing Ace just because (I also figured out that I missed getting an explanation when chasing Boris earlier that day).  But yeah, so I was actually reading the Boris one so that was going no where.  But then I started chasing Ace and I got two hearts before Vivaldi finally demanded that I be killed.  So I actually had just saved so I just went and immediately visited her to save my life and then went to bed.  

Today I played it more >.>  I'm reading the cut scenes at this point (though I have no idea how our relationship got to that point) and Ace is like totally telling me that he loves me and I'm like "LIIIIIIIIIIEESSSS" when I get called away to go work on my essay in the dining hall *cough*  I get a rough outline done and then go on to practice Japanese for the oral exam tomorrow it does not look hard at all please don't hate me people who haven't already taken Japanese to this point before T.T

Anyway, so then Diana made me promise not to play ハートの国のアリス until I've finished my essay which hasn't happened because I got distracted >.>  Darnit...  I need to get this stupid thing done, but I never actually finished reading The Pillow Book and there's so much information but I decided to give it this "special" interpretation or whatever so now I'm stuck with a mountain of information that requires in depth explanation and I HAVE NO INSPIRATION.  Yesh, this work day has not been going well...
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