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In which a Poetic Title Enters the Consciousness
World Without End
Hey Thar! 
27th-Feb-2009 11:07 pm
Wow, a lot of my subject titles are extremely similar...  Anyways, I was bad today D: 

So it seems that I accidentally finished my essay last night...  I was originally planning on writing it this afternoon, but since I formatted it wrong I actually finished it with the exception of the citations and the concluding paragraph o_O  So there was that.  Then I had my Japanese oral exam and I got a lot of stupid things wrong T.T  That made me sad.

So then I had class and lunch and got a package from home!  I was very happy, Mom bought me the Kurosagi movie, and the Aozora movie.  No subs, but that'll just make it more interesting to watch :P  And she sent me the new LaLa (yaaaay, Kaji's on the cover <3333) and some HIna Matsuri senbei :D  Um, and a GIANT Dorayaki.  It was a very good package :]]]]

So then I thought I'd lie down a bit when my computer was loading to double check the time for the bio review session.  That didn't go very well...  I woke up at 5:30pm and it ran from 4:30 - 6pm.  とってもやばかったよ so I took a four hour nap and missed it.  That is why I am bad.  Since that was the end of that I went to the science library to scan in the "kiss" scene that I promised someone I'd scan on the My  Neoromance forum.  Then I had dinner and went straight to playing ハートの国のアリス um, until 12:30 pretty much which meant that I had to change the time so that I could get my everyday thing on the calendar.  (Another bad thing I did).  Actually, I stopped several times in my playing.  Tiffany chatted me and asked me to join her icon community.  I guess I'll have to work on being active on that x.X  And I submitted icons to an itest for the first time in months (la_corda_itest incidentally).  I think those two went pretty well.  Clara called me on skype and we talked for about an hour.  It was great, I told her about different scenes that I thought humorous and she laughed too.  It was nice because I did the same with Lalita and Diana and they didn't think it was funny...

Actually, I even played it this morning after the oral exam since I had finished my essay as promised <333  It was AWESOME Peter and Ace started shooting at each other to fight over me <3333  And OMG  It was so doki doki but they didn't think so... >/////////////////<  Then later there was this scene when Ace was like "Oh, so is your love of Alice pure?"  And Peter was all "Of course!  It's very pure!  That's what love is!" and Ace was like "Oh, well my love is impure so this works.  You can look at her and keep your relationship 'pure' and I'll go do things with her" I could not stop laughing.  Peter was all tonguetied and finally decided on saying "Shut up, go die already".  Lol

Oh!  And then at the dance, Vivaldi was being all elegant and awesome since she's the Queen of Hearts and of course Alice greatly admired her and was saying how lovely she was.  The two guys didn't get it though.  So while Alice was trying to explain that it was something that could only be felt by two people of the same gender.  Peter goes "I don't get it because I'm a guy" and Ace basically goes, "Oh you swing both ways" which freaks Peter out and of course that is not what Alice is saying so she gets angry and Ace thinks he gets it and says that he feels that way about Peter.  But Peter is still thinking that it implies sexual orientation so he gets really disgusted and Ace decides to have a field day going "I loooovvveeee you Peter!  Just for today it's okay if I say it to you instead of Alice~" and of course Peter tells Ace to die again and tries to bring his gun out to shoot him, but Vivaldi interferes and it's all good.

So yeah, and I managed to get Ace's ending!  I am proud that I managed it.  I didn't do any of the reading for the first half of the cut scenes but I did do all of the reading for the second half so I'm pretty happy.  It was funny though.  Usually at the end of teh game the guy's supposed to confess to the girl right?  That didn't happen here.  Ace has been saying "suki" to Alice since like, the fifth CG out of 23 so he's already confessed and whatever.  Nope, the ending was with Alice confessing to Ace.  She didn't want to do it earlier because if she left it wouldn't be fair.  But it was so funny!  She says it and he's like "yeah, whatever" and she's confused because she thought he really wanted her to say it and he goes "Yeah, I'm happy to hear it.  But I alerady knew that you loved me (suki) because you stayed instead of going back.  That's why I REALLY love you (daisuki)" and it was so cute!  Yeah...  And so now I've got 20% of the CG's and I'm really happy about that, but I've decided not to play it again until I have my tests finished.  I'll just have to choose a different source of procrastination -_-

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