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In which a Poetic Title Enters the Consciousness
World Without End
3rd-Mar-2009 11:04 pm
Today was not a constructive day >.> I was so ridiculously tired until... I guess about 9pm when I went to my house council meeting. Even showering didn't wake me. I guess only active participation can wake me up? Or maybe socializing in general. I was focused when having something to say during writing class, but when I didn't my mind was kind of like mush. Japanese class was like that too. But it's terrible sitting at a giant table with everyone able to easily look at you as you fight the urge to just sleep already.

But it's like 11pm now and I didn't do anything today. I went to CVS to buy... something (it be an obvious secret) and then stopped at the Body Shop to find out that they're giving free skin consultations between 1 and 3pm this week so I'm going to try to go tomorrow. I made an appointment for something at 1:30 tomorrow, got my bangs trimmed and went to house council. Until about half an hour ago I wasn't awake enough to do anything. Even surfing the internet and watching youtube videos didn't help. Agh, so much to do though. I need to read three essays and pick five sentences to comment on tomorrow (I'll only need one though so yeah...) And I need to edit an essay for by Friday T.T I don't want to edit that essay. It's terrible, everyone hated it when we went over it in class.

To lighten the mood I think I'll post a youtube video or something.

4th-Mar-2009 08:04 am (UTC)
hi youre updating your lj again! :) haha my day was unproductive too :(
4th-Mar-2009 09:12 pm (UTC)
We are unproductive people maybe? And yup! I will update every day for Lent >.>
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