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In which a Poetic Title Enters the Consciousness
World Without End
9th-Mar-2009 03:44 pm
M'kay, so like a year ago I got posting privileges for boxofdoomage ... and never posted anything.  About two weeks ago a friend forced me to join her icon community (hatsuzora )and I made my first post there yesterday x.X  I have no way to spread the word about the community (since I don't know if there is an Alice community or not and I've not joined any CLAMP ones), but I thought I should share my icons with the people I originally wanted to share them with *cough*  So I made a spiel on boxofdoomage and posted there >.>  It's only fair that I post here too.

Sorry if I spam your f-list a little?  Though there's only one person I could possibly be spamming...

1-10 CLAMP
11-15 Heart no Kuni no Alice
Total Icon Count: 15


( Fake Cuts are Sources of EVILLLL )
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