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In which a Poetic Title Enters the Consciousness
World Without End
18th-Mar-2009 10:58 pm
So I forgot to wish everyone yesterday a happy St. Patrick's Day so here's a belated one :]

Today lots of people had birthdays!  Including Gabriela!  She has a lj now!  It's go_for_stars  so if you know us in real life go friend her :].  Lol, on la_corda_itest Rashiea put up a post trying to find out if we're going to make our banners or not and I have six weeks to do x.X  Wow...

I've been reading GaaSaku fanfiction now that I've given up on that part of my lent thing.  OMG this one person wrote this AMAZING story where they were so in character and their relationship moved slowly and not stupid fast.  It took them like, 3 years to get together and it was so ...intense.

I also made two comprehensive word documents linking to various Eyeshield 21 fanfictions.  Lalita asked for some general fics so I made one for her with one shounen-ai ShinSena story in it since they're not actually a couple in any of them, and then today she said she approved of the pairing so I made another one just for that pairing xP  If anyone wants them I could upload them or something.

But this reminded me that I need to type up my lyrics x.X  I haven't done any more of them because I have like, three or four (maybe even five @_@) to type up x.X  I should try to get that done before I leave for home on Saturday.  So much to do so little time...  I'd do it on the plane, but my battery only lasts so long and I'd rather watch anime.  Vampire Knight is AWESOME.  I am so totally smitten with Aidou-senpai.  When did I start chasing after blond blue eyed anime character? -_-  Shimizu-kun, Shimon-kun, Aidou-senpai...  I'm sure there are more too...


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