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In which a Poetic Title Enters the Consciousness
World Without End
19th-Mar-2009 11:45 pm
Koyama goes "EWWWW"
Wow, I really need to have more variety in my subject titles...  But my posts are so random I don't know what to call them...

Dude, the mod for manga_itest  is really dropping the ball -_-  She just put up a post "reminding" people to submit icons for the extension... that she never posted that we had.  And then she wrote "maybe it's a little my fault for never mentioning there was an extension" no duh.  Especially considering that she put the week before's entries up on a Wednesday so I had assumed she was just being slow again.  I entered though so it's not like I have to worry about it -_-  If only she'd post about the winners from that week D:<  Incompetent~

Anyway, I had another doctor's appointment today and it was kind of funny.  I was prescribed to try out meditation podcasts to help me sleep, to take half hour walks every day, and to write in a journal before I go to bed :P  I'm going to have to work on that x.X  The last two were things I wanted to do anyway, but now I legitimately have to give it a shot.  I wish myself luck.  Oh God tomorrow is going to be so busy with me leaving on Saturday, but I just want to hang out with Gabriela T.T

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