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In which a Poetic Title Enters the Consciousness
World Without End
26th-Mar-2009 10:22 pm
If you couldn't guess from the last post, the thing that made me all excited and happy today before the killjoy moment was watching the Corda OVA Episode 1 (I didn't feel like typing OVA when describing it for the caps.  Everyone should know it's an OVA series).  It was sooo awesome.

Kaji's voice was a little soft for my liking when he first me Kaho in particular.  I expected him to be louder when he saw his dream girl >.>  But it was like WTH???  Yunoki's going to Harvard?  What is with fictional characters and going to awesome colleges.  Gabriella from High School Musical is going to Stanford. Taylor, also from HSM, is going to Yale, and there's other stuff too.  Not cool man.  I always imagined Yunoki going to Keio or something >.>

That aside, Kaho on the forum made a good point when she said that it seemed like Ousaki got the most lines of the Stella Quintet boys.  He's certainly been the most significant in terms of Kaho >.<  But yeah, Kaji is just the awesomest guy ever.  Kiriya has an attitude problem but I love him anyway *cough* and I can't wait until June (pushed back the date D:<) to see part 2!

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