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In which a Poetic Title Enters the Consciousness
World Without End
I had a nice day! 
4th-Apr-2009 11:19 pm
OMG Kasanoda :]
 I did!  I did have a nice day!!  I got an excellent deal on some nice cremes (I do not understand why I love cremes so much.  Please never ask me to explain) and Taka took me out for dinner! <33333  I'm so happy!  It's the first time he's ever asked to take me out somewhere instead of me asking to meet up with him!  :DDDDD  It was a short dinner thing, only an hour in duration (he had to go babysit his little brother) but that somehow made it even sweeter because he asked me saying he wasn't busy but he totally had something going on and still wanted to see me!  He said he wasn't looking forward to watching his brother but still... :]  ooooh, he is so awesome.  It looks like he's going to school far away though T.T  He's deciding between WashU (I have no idea how to spell the abbreviation >.>) or U of Michigan.  I'm hoping he picks University of Washington in St. Louis...

AND THEN I PLAYED VK DS FOR TWO HOURS!  Yeah, I should have been studying >.>  But who cares?  I am soooo very happy right now.
Aidou-senpai's love for me is waaaayyyy higher than the other guys'.  I basically redid the whole game (I started with the earliest save point I had) since I had the hang of what to do now.  It's a real shame though.  I wanted Shiki-senpai (mmm, he's attractive) to be my number two guy but the stupid dress thingie keeps giving me Aidou, Kaname, and Zero.  I'm happy about Aidou of course but unfortunately the other two like the same dress that Aidou does so their affection for me keeps going up!  And then the mini game I keep doing to gain a few points of affection gets me affection from all the guys and Shiki doesn't get enough love!  I think at the moment Kain might be number two and I don't even know how that happened...  It's hard to tell though because all the guys are at approximately the same affection (Except my beloved Aidou of course).  

It's sad how I managed to type so much more about my DS game than my day... 
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