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In which a Poetic Title Enters the Consciousness
World Without End
...I capped something again... 
5th-Apr-2009 02:09 am
Please don't ask me why I did this.  I sort of knew I wouldn't get any icons for this week's kingdom_chorus out of it... but I just capped KH's Deep Dive.  927 icons...  I did it at 5 per second for a 3 minute and 5 second clip.  I've cut it down to 717 shots so far.  About half way through I'm still barely catching all the action x.X  No wonder why I get a headache when I pay too close attention to that video..

Anyways, I'm debating about cutting out some of the transitions (I'd like to cut down another 100 caps but that seems unlikely) and I guess I'll upload that too?  I know that lots of other people have probably capped it before, but I did it myself because in galleries there's only ever the same pictures of Riku -_-  Did no one ever notice how awesomely cool the fight scenes and heartless are?  I can appreciate the battle waaay more now that I've actually seen the frames...

I still felt like I was missing something so I just did a frame by frame capping of the part when the numbers show up.  426 caps alone...  But I learned so much from it!  Did you know there were flashes of the older Kairi in Deep Dive?  I had no idea.  In the desaturated scheme of things she resembles Rinoa from behind.  AND there's a negative image Kairi too at some point.  I don't think I'll post this one, unless it's its own separate thing, but it's waaaay cooler than the other capping >.>  Even if it is approximately a minute long.

[EDIT x2]
I capped the intro to the first game too...

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