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In which a Poetic Title Enters the Consciousness
World Without End
An Icon Filled Day 
17th-Apr-2009 11:18 pm
Why does making icons have to be so exhausting?  I've made 16 icons in the past 23 hours.  10 of which since... I don't know 7pm?  I made the first 4 between 12 and 3am last night/this morning >.<  I am so tired right now T.T  But I still have three more icons to make and while I could do them tomorrow it'd be nice to just be done.  I mean, I did the crops before I went to sleep last night so at least there's that...

Icon tests that I am entering this week (in the order that I did them):  je_design, clamp_icontest, [info]kh_iconawards, la_corda_itest, la_corda_hush, phoenixtrials, xxxholic_still, and manga_itest (I haven't done this one yet, but they will get done).  I hope I win something to keep the trend of winning something every week.  If I do it'll be the fifth week in a row~!  Now I know you're thinking that I'm only winning because I'm entering so many, but I'm adding more each week and I usually lose in some of the ones I've won in and the same people enter all of them and they always win so I'm actually not doing that poorly...

I guess with all of these icons I've been making I should go update hatsuzora...

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