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In which a Poetic Title Enters the Consciousness
World Without End
*insert fangirl squeal* 
22nd-Apr-2009 01:34 am
OMG Kasanoda :]
Damnit I need to work on my psych essay >.>  *forbidden to go to bed until finished with it*  But OMG SKIP BEAT! PS2 GAME <333333 damnit Taka sell me your stupid PS2 already  And if that's not reason enough to squeal it's of course an otome game and you can chase  Reino!  Though of course I'd chase Shou too ^_~ and and and SHUNRI DOES A VOICE IN IT!  OMG I had no idea that Takagi Shun even did any voice acting but he's doing the voice of Reino <3  I didn't even bother to look until I saw that the opening song off the web page was sung by SMILY☆SPIKY and it didn't make any sense for Shunri to be singing unless he's in it Kyaaaaaa~  I want to buy the stupid LE edition T.T  It comes out on the 28th of May so just in time for it to be an end of year present to myself.  It'd cost like $100 anyway...  I really wanted to play the Corda games on the PS2 but seriously, I've already read about most of the scenes anyway.  Chasing after Reino and Shou -o-  It's just as awesome as chasing after Aidou and Shiki (I won Aidou~!  Shiki you are next >.>)

So um, yeah... 
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