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In which a Poetic Title Enters the Consciousness
World Without End
2nd-May-2009 10:57 pm
I had a pretty nice day today!  Gabriela went with me to see X-Men Origins:  Wolverine.  OMG!  Such an amazing movie!  The action scenes were so well done!  The special effects and the story was well done and there were all of these nuances for the comic book fans!  I won't spoil them for those who haven't seen the movie yet but it was amazing.  Lol, I already used that word but you cannot believe how excited the movie made me!

I started fangirling during the credits and these boys (I'm thinking between 7th and 9th grade?) kept staring at me >.>  I guess I knew too much?  Oooh and GAMBIT!!!!!!!!!!   He was AWESOME!  AND SO KICKASS WHEN HE FOUGHT!  Remy le Beau can steal my heart anytime <333  They casted him perfectly for the slightly scruffy attractive type *swoons*  I invited Taka to come watch it with Gabriela and me, but he said he was busy.  It was probably for the best because I don't think I could have resisted swooning and squealing and fangirling and then he'd never like me -o-  But yeah. 

Um, yeah after that I talked to my parents on the phone and then watched this really weird anime I downloaded a while back.  It's called Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan which literally means "Club to Death Angel Dokuro-chan".  Yes, I really watched something with this title.  It's a short series so I watched the whole thing...  It's like, a really really bloody ecchi series that's really really really really really weird.  I do not know if I can express how weird it is.  Please do not watch it.

Oh, and about my last couple personal related posts >.>  I'm feeling a lot better now.  I'm still not doing any work... but I think I have the focus to do so tomorrow.  I have a lot more to talk about in terms of my week and how I've managed to get over my depressed state, but let's just say that anger is a very powerful emotion.

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