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In which a Poetic Title Enters the Consciousness
World Without End
Dramas and Graphics~ 
3rd-May-2009 03:54 pm
Mamo and KENN
Yeah, so I changed the layout again >.>  I think it looks better now?  Lalita complained that the image wasn't wide enough so you can't say that anymore >.> Picking colors is hard though >.<  I love the main image though.  I'm glad the the crop turned out well :D  Here's a link to the original crop so you can see what I did to it (not much -o-).  I also know that people just look at their friends page (I don't >.>) so please visit my journal to see what it looks like now?

Second graphic note!  I got mod's choice in la_corda_hush so my winning streak in the icontests is now seven weeks long!  Yay~!  I lose a lot too, but it's nice to win.  Oh, also, I'm a bit annoyed because a lot of the contests I entered last week were postponed to this week to get more entries but they still haven't put up their stupid voting things D:<  I want to make more icons!  Ooh, but we got our first watcher at hatsuzora!  :D

And then for the dramas @_@  I watched a lot of dramas this week >.>  I started... Monday night by watching the last three episodes of Ryuusei no Kizuna until 3am >.>  Not one of my best moments...  But yeah, as of now in the past week I've watched the last three episodes of Ryuusei no Kizuna, all eight episodes of Uta no Oniisan, the two subbed episodes of The Quiz Show 2, all ten episodes of Mei-chan no Shitsuji, and the first three episodes of Zettai Kareshi.  That's a total of... 26 episodes @_@  Holy crap I've never watched that much before period...  Originally I was going to watch Maou before Zettai Kareshi, but it's sort of not a happy drama and I'd like to try to maintain my good mood after being depressed for so long (I still have lots of work to do though x.X). 

Mizushima Hiro is so hot!  Agh, I will admit that is the main reason why I finally decided to watch Zettai Kareshi.  He was amazing in Mei-chan no Shitsuji.  His character is completely different though in Zettai Kareshi.  I guess he's a good actor :]]]  Oooh and OMG he was Suzuki-kun in the Lovely Complex live action.  Of course I watched that to squeal over Teppei, but I was quite taken with the megane character Suzuki-kun.  His character was kind of strange though so my sisters of course told me that I was weird.  BUT NOW he's very very attractive so sometimes I do have good taste :P  *desperately wants to see more of him in Zettai Kareshi*

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