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In which a Poetic Title Enters the Consciousness
World Without End
11th-May-2009 02:21 pm
Mamo and KENN
The world is ending but I managed to maintain my icon test streak!  I got third place this week at clamp_icontest.  That is absolutely fine to me.  It was weird double placing once or twice @_@  I think it's wonderful that even if it's a mod's choice I'm improving enough at icon making to have placed in something every week for the last 9 weeks.  It's what's going best for me compared to everything else...

>.>  I'm in psychology right now not paying attention.  W00T!  But yeah >.<  I need to write my discussion for the lab write up since I'm meeting with Amy at 3:00.  That gives me just over half an hour...  Today is going to suck.  The psych quiz went okay I guess...  I didn't remember enough about schizophrenia because I spent lunch talking to Victoria about how I'm never going to be able to be a dentist because my science grades are so bad.  She suggested that I try switching to the humanities and maybe I'll find something I really like.  That made me laugh because I love the humanities and I'm infinitely better at them than the sciences.  So I'm summer schooling physics this summer at Stanford and I'm thinking that based off of how I do in that I'll decide whether or not I'm going to keep going in my pre-dental goal.  If I do poorly I wonder what I'm going to do with my life...  Speaking of which, I just got my email saying that they forced open some new lab sections so I can take organic chemistry but now I'm wondering which course to drop.  I really want to take the narrative writing class but the opera class fits a distribution requirement and if I get another C in my physics course I'm not going to take any labs next semester >.>

I guess we'll see how things go?

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