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In which a Poetic Title Enters the Consciousness
World Without End
Yesterday and Last Night 
27th-May-2009 10:29 am
I didn't actually talk about what I did yesterday so I thought I'd do that before I forgot x.X

So first off, Monday night I added a new moodtheme and god that was a bitch to do.  DO NOT let me change my moodtheme ever again.  I hope that these emotions work better than the old one.  I loved the Corda moodtheme but since I started using more emotions it wasn't working so well, a lot of images didn't suit the emotion.  Maybe this awesome NEWS moodtheme will do better.  I'll make a post to credit it later I guess...

ANYWAY!  So I picked Gabriela up from school at 8am yesterday and we hung out here.  First I made her watch all of the Hetalia episodes (I had watched episode 18 before I picked her up and it was too epic not to make her watch) and then she played Phantom Hourglass and I played .HACK//mutation.  Um.... after that I picked Danielle up from school... and I think that was pretty much my whole day.  After dinner I had that upsetness thing about my weight... and then mom asked me to join her for a glass of tea and had me try to work out the knots in her neck (She claims I have the magic touch but I have no basis for this). 

After that I started working on making my submission for hetaliagraphics, right now all the battles take priority (I need to vote in animangalims x.X) so I wanted to get that done before anything else.  UNFORTUNATELY photoshop hates my keyboard for some reason so I lost all my work -_-xxx  Luckily, what I had done didn't involve any brush work or altering with the levels of things so even though I had to redo the whole thing I for once remembered what I did -_-  This is going to make it hell to do my banners for la_corda_itest over the summer though...  I tried getting permission from Allison to make graphics off of her computer but she said no because it's a waste of time.  Geez, like everything else I do isn't a waste of time D:<  And that was yesterday.  Yay?

Oh, and last night I had a really weird dream so I thought I'd write about it here!

So, I was in college, but like, it didn't look like Wellesley?  It sort of looked like a cross between my dad's office building and Mount Holyoke actually...  Anyway, mom was there and she was giving me some comments on some poems so I could edit them before showing them to Ms. Sutton (which doesn't make any sense in the first place) and also gave me my book of Mutanabi Street poems (It is the prettiest thing ever and my poems are the first poem and the one at the half way point <3) ANYWAY!  When I was reading the comments on the printed out poem I noticed that there was writing on my book too and that just broke my heart.  There were only fifty copies of it made so to have my poems commented on in it was really upsetting.  I wound up getting really upset with Mom and she promised to track down one of the copies that didn't go to people who had their poems in it to make up for it.  At the same time I knew I was being ridiculous because I was pretty sure she wrote in pencil, but it was the principle of the matter and I was sure that she'd written the other comments in pen so this must have been in pen too.

So while I was busy angsting in a classroom about my book one of the girls from my writing class picked up my book and wrote me a note in it so that it could be like an autograph book and have all the happy feelings of the people I know in it so I'd forget about the comments written at the beginning of the whole thing.  She took it with her and I didn't know what she was doing at first until she returned it with a bunch of names and notes in it.  I was really getting cheered up, but then I froze in guilt because I realized that mom never wrote in my book at all and I had just imaged the comments because they were all over everything else she gave me.  I was too afraid to go check the actual pages to see if this was true or not, but then I felt really guilty.  I still wanted another copy of the book since this one was covered in signatures and I wanted a clean copy but I didn't want mom to be all upset over what she had done if she hadn't actually done anything.  Then the girl who first took my notebook (I can never remember her name x.X) said that she wanted to hear my poem and the girls with us wanted to hear it too so she took the book from my hands to start reading my poem and I freaked out because I didn't want to know if the comments were there or not.  I was trying to get the book from her hands when I woke up.

It was a very odd dream and once again I woke up feeling not rested at all.

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