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In which a Poetic Title Enters the Consciousness
World Without End
Rather than work on my HW >.>  I'm going to wish I had a… 
20th-Sep-2007 04:36 pm
Oh yeah!  High Five!
Rather than work on my HW >.>  I'm going to wish I had a Japanese PS2 or that the stupid PS2 emulator on my computer would work at least gosh darn it!  *ahem*  Anyways, I'm waiting to get approved on a forum so I can get to 100 posts and squee about more 金色のコルダ which is totally my biggest obsession in an extremely long time (I haven't been this happy since I discovered ff.net if I was even that obsessed then). 

HOWEVER!!!  I totally have things to squee about!  So here they are! EEEE~~~!!  A totally totally awesome person absolutely uploaded the Special A Drama CD.  You can download it in special_a_s_a AND I won three ドラゴン騎士団 drama CD's on ebay this week so once they come in a month or so I'll totally have four of the six CD's!  Yay!!!  I'm being so lucky in drama cd's lately~~~!!  So happy!

Oh, and I was going to put up my list of Japanese Manga too...  Hm, I could attempt to use cut's but I'm lazy so I think I'll pass on that >.>

Japanese Manga:

らんま1/2:  Volumes 30, 31, 33, 35 - 38
犬夜叉:  Volume 30
ドラゴン騎士団:  Volumes 17, 18, 23 - 26, Bunko volume 4
会長はメイド様!:  Volumes 1 and 2
プリンセス・プリンセス:  Volume 3
革命の日:  Volume 1
遙かなる時空の中で:  Volumes 13 and 14 and the Fan Book (which is very boring)
金色のコルダ:  Mio Colore

花とゆめ:  Issue 13 Year 2006, Issues 1and 10 Year 2008
WINGS:  Issues 5 and 6 Year 2007
LaLa:  Issues 2 - 12 Year 2007, Issues 1 - 10 Year 2008
LaLa DX:  Issue 7 Year 2007
Asuka:  Issue 10 Year 2007

I really don't have that much Japanese manga compared to my English count...  Hm, should I stockpile a list of my sister's manga too?

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