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In which a Poetic Title Enters the Consciousness
World Without End
Er, well... 
7th-Jun-2009 11:11 pm
Zero - "So Much Fail"
I've sort of abandoned my livejournal these past couple of days x.X my bad... So I guess I'll give a run down of the past few days? Let's see... My last real entry was... Thursday. Wow, that was a while ago. So...

On Friday the cleaning lady came and I met with Ms. Aoki to go over what I need to do when teaching Japanese I over the summer. Err... And i went to the library and checked out a bunch of Shojo Beats so I could scan in the manga lessons in the back. I scanned all the issues I checked out (though I haven't finished cropping them). I told michikixthien I would do it, though I think she'll be surprised when she actually sees them. I'm a little annoyed though because I really wanted the lesson in the June issue but I couldn't figure out where the new magazine section was in the library. Stupid place for moving things around so much D:< BUT they had the new Lacuna Coil CD that came out this year (I didn't even know it existed. I last checked their albums last fall) and I found it by fluke, but I'm listening to it right now and it's REALLY good :] That's about it I think for what I did on Friday.

On Saturday, I slept in for the first time really since going home (lol) and that night Michael came over and we watched He's Just Not that into You. It's still great even after the second watching <3 I don't remember what else I did x.X I made some icons for hetaliagraphics (2) Oh! I remember what else I did! There was a really cool song in a video I watched off of youtube so I wanted to find the song. Only I couldn't find it. I spent hours trying to figure it out and buy the single T.T I managed to figure out the song and the artist (though I'm too lazy to look up how to read her name). It's the OP for an Image Factory game called 『薄桜鬼(はくおうき)~新選組奇譚~ A Shinsengumi dating sim best as I can tell. I managed to find the actual OP after I figured things out and I learned that it's the artist's debut song so she doesn't have a single or an album so I stole the video off of youtube and watched it on repeat one >.>

There's the video that I first watched.  I'm too lazy to go find the real one I downloaded >.>  Um, I also played MS and leveled (Level 40  W00T!) Yeah, so that was Saturday.

Today on Sunday, I met the first girl I'm tutoring/teaching and her parents.  She's very excited about the whole thing and her family was very nice.  I'm really looking forward to working with her.  I also got called by the other student's mother and we talked for a while.  That was not so fun.  She called me about half an hour later to rearrange things and I've basically agreed to teach her son separately from the first girl.  It's going to be a scheduling nightmare with my summer school x.X  I was really looking forward to getting to teach group sessions, but I mean, I'm being hired for a service, it's not supposed to be accommodating for me...  Which reminds me that I need to email Ms.  Aoki so that she knows I'm starting with one person a week early and I'll email the first girl tomorrow to say that she won't be having group sessions until some time in July...  Hm, I also made four icons for hetaliagraphics...  I realized that the theme sort of implies that there should be two people in the icon so I had to make three new ones x.X  But that is OVER and done with so yay me.  ...That basically took up my whole day.  Oh wait, I lied.  I also drove to Stanford with Daddy so that I won't get lost when I go for classes.  I did get lost on the way back though.  That was not so fun...  Alrighty, so Dad wants me to go to bed even though it's only 11:30 so g'night.

8th-Jun-2009 10:57 am (UTC)

Lol, I'm so happy to be back home now. But... I feel like I have a lot of stuff. @_@;; Oh well.

You've been busy! Well, I will be too but, yeah.
8th-Jun-2009 04:33 pm (UTC)
DIANAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I miss you and Lalita T.T There's a lot less drama with you guys >.> Lol, tell me when you start playing MS I guess now that you're back home. How did the graduation go?
9th-Jun-2009 01:33 am (UTC)
yar! I need to download it! I'll prolly play at night though, for now. But it's ok for you, because you're 3 hours behind me (right? is it 3?)
9th-Jun-2009 02:01 am (UTC)
It's actually four hours OTL (I cannot believe I just used that x.X)

I'll probably be free after like 7pm everyday which would be 11pm for you....
9th-Jun-2009 02:06 am (UTC)
Oh lol! :D sounds like a plan~!
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