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In which a Poetic Title Enters the Consciousness
World Without End
11th-Jun-2009 11:20 pm
Alas, no one comments on the youtube videos I put up D: I really ought to make this journal friends only considering how much I post about my life in it x.X

Oooh Ooh~!!  I almost forgot (lol, I'm putting my edit at the top)  Everyone go vote in hetaliagraphics round 2!  I'm very proud of the icon I made this time >.>  The actual voting post is here.

M'kay so onto my day! I did the temp job thingie, for like, 8 hours plus a lunch break. It wasn't that interesting, but it wasn't boring or anything. I mean, once I got the hang of it I just sort of let my mind wander as I did it... I double check my work as I go so I'm pretty confident that I was doing a good job. The weirdest part was that I got a one hour lunch break and I didn't know what to do with it x.X It took me fifteen minutes to eat lunch so I sat at the cafe place drinking my drink for another fifteen minutes before I went back and just started working early >.> I get to go again tomorrow and I'm sort of scared about getting there D: Mom drove me today x.X Um, that was pretty much my whole day... Vivian wanted to eat lunch with me tomorrow but since I have work I'm meeting her in the afternoon... and uh, my great uncle died. I feel really bad for my grandmother she was really sad. And then after dinner I played Rock Band 2 with Allison and then Dan came home so I played with her. I updated my character's image so she looks cool and I made an avatar for my Xbox 360 Profile. I think she looks really cool but my sisters say I made her too old T.T I CANNOT HELP MY TASTES IN FASHION. But whatever >.>

For fandom today I'm just embedding the hetaliacracksub episode one >.> It's um, a crack sub version of episode 1 of the anime. WARNING!!! It makes references to BL and um, mpreg and other things but I think it's hilarious and if you don't want to read those parts just skip to the end of the first part >.> I like the Rome part and Germany wandering around trying to learn about the Birds and the Bees :P I'm so weird...

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