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In which a Poetic Title Enters the Consciousness
World Without End
THE HILLS ARE ALIVE with the Sound of Mu~sic~ 
13th-Jul-2009 11:27 pm
Well, I went through the effort of typing this up this morning so here it is I guess... Oh, and I wrote the whole thing out html version so let's see whether or not the faces work...

*sigh* I am completely and utterly failing at writing in my livejournal daily at this point. Heck, it’s taking a huge amount of effort not to just fall asleep at my computer right now as I type this not connected to the internet… So much to do so little time >.< I think I’m going to stay on campus today until I finish my hw so that I will hopefully be less distracted than I am at home. Regardless of when I get home however I need to immediately go and buy more gas for the car because I am almost out x.X Oh, so I guess I should actually talk about what I’ve been up to xP

This morning was TERRIBLE D:< It took an eternity to get to Stanford. At first I thought it was because I left five minutes later than I normally do but as I found out at the end of the traffic it was a motorcycle accident -_- I’m sorry for the person involved but seriously, I don’t think motorcycles are a good idea >.> So basically I wound up getting on campus twenty minutes later than I normally do which was way way waaaaay not cool. After that I went to the café close to the parking lot I park in and started typing. I could still make it to class, but I’m not going today >.> I’ve been way too tired and have been falling asleep every single day. I mean, I was used to that at Wellesley, but I only have one class here and I want to be able to get my stupid work done so today I am not going to go to class and I am just going to study/do my homework. It’s going pretty well so far? I’ve already read one of the two possible labs I have for today and once I finish typing this, my mind should be clear enough for me to do my homework. I’ll still go to lab and discussion of course and Ming Yang goes over everything that we go over in lecture so I should be okay… I can’t believe that class will already be over next week.

So there are a variety of things on my mind and I would like to cover all of them x.X Yeah I know, if I could post regularly with what’s on my mind then things would be much clearer for me overall but unfortunately I don’t which just makes me even more easily distracted than I usually am… But this is just the warning that this entry is going to be super super long. I will do my best to label things with appropriate lj-cuts but…

First of all, I had a series of not so fun dreams last night. Normally I wouldn’t even mention it, but it’s been forever since I’ve used the “dream” tag (I think it’s only been once actually…) and generally my dreams are pretty interesting so it’s a bit of a shame that I never write about them. Anyway, last night I had a dream that I’ve actually had several times since I’ve come home where I’m not sleeping at all and am just restless in bed. I’m never quite sure if it’s actually a dream or if I actually am restless but when my alarm went off this morning I jerked awake from my rustling so I guess at some point I transitioned… I had a terrible time getting up of course, I was so disoriented but then Tiffany called to tell me that she wasn’t feeling well and her dad told her not to go biking today which I of course seconded and then I tried to go back to sleep, only I couldn’t. Eventually I did I guess because then I wound up having this exhausting dream where I was babysitting like mad. Everyone wanted me to tutor or watch their kids or something and I wound up accidentally double booking on the same day and I was freaking out and I didn’t know what to do when I woke up. I was even more disoriented then because I woke up thinking I had to go call Mrs. Singer and apologize but of course I didn’t need to because it had been a dream. I was so confused though that I still thought it had happened and only managed to somewhat straighten myself out by pointing out that the house in my dream that the Singer’s lived in wasn’t the same house as when I tutor Phillip. All the tutoring and whatever is driving me crazy. I think the babysitting thing came from a few days ago but I’ll get there since I’m going in reverse chronological order.

So I guess I get to move onto yesterday then.

Yesterday I was a useless human being as per usual. I wanted to work on my physics but that wound up not happening due to a very simple reason. Err, let’s see… The day started off fine with my daily biking and then I went to Borders with Tiffany because I wanted to buy the Persona 4 strategy guide and some DAT books but when I got there I found out that the strategy guide was already out of print and they had every other test prep book except ones for the DAT. I really didn’t want to order one online but I don’t have much of a choice any more I guess. Since that took all of ten minutes and her dad was picking us up in two hours we wandered around town and visited the farmer’s market and this and that. I had fun wandering but then we went to Blendz so Tiffany could try this award winning smoothie and apparently it tasted really good but they were really really slow when it came to making the smoothies and have issues with getting the smoothie out of the blender -_- I ordered a juice and it made me feel sick for an hour or two. Yaaaay fruit allergies. I thought Raspberries would be safe but I was wrong T.T So after lunch which was painful to eat and whatnot I took a nap to hopefully feel better afterwards. I did and then left home to go to other stores to look for Persona 4 related things. Apparently they stopped making the game too D: So that was a bust. I went to four different stores looking for the game/guide with absolutely no luck at all.

HOWEVER! I ran into Manoj at Barnes & Noble and wound up talking to him for three hours x.X There goes my proper studying time >.< I also managed to finally read volume 4 of Astonishing X-men at least though. That had such a tragic ending… Stupid Ross Wheeden D:< Anyway, so after that I went home finally and… went on my computer (yay me -_-) In the end I went and bought Persona 4 and the guide online last night x.X I’m really excited about getting to play in I guess, two weeks or so, but like, I really feel annoyed that I had to pay full price for them. I generally only buy things online if I can get them cheaper than it’d cost at the store. Of course they weren’t even at the store… I heard from one of Danielle’s friends that I could find the game at Fry’s which wouldn’t surprise me in the least, but I wanted the guide too so I just made a bulk purchase. That was Sunday.

Saturday was even less productive than Sunday I feel like. I don’t even remember what I did for the first half of that day. I then went and tutored and then went to a barbeque thing that we were invited to by some of Daddy’s co-workers. I had a lot of fun playing with the little kids though :] I gave like, 8 different piggy back rides. I think that the playing with them was what sparked the whole babysitting dream thing. It was so funny though! Danielle, this other girl and I were all giving piggy back rides to the little girls (they were all girls xP) but Allison just sat there. Apparently one of the girls asked Allison if she gave piggy back rides too and she said “no” and the girl told her she wasn’t fun. That really makes me grin for some reason. We went home at like, 9 and I don’t remember what I did after that. It’s really bad that I can’t seem to remember the things I’m doing. It’s getting like during the school year when I can’t really bring myself to do any work but there isn’t anything not work related that I really want to do. Really, it just makes me want to sleep. I really need to figure out how to break this pattern…

Friday… Err, I tutored Phillip through skype. I didn’t go biking that day because Tiffany had her ceramics final that day and I wanted her to be well rested for it… I think I went somewhere? Oh, I went to Manoj’s for a few hours. We ate at Red Robin and then played Call of Duty. But that was only like, three hours. I don’t know what else I did on Friday either…

Err, since I can’t remember I guess I’m done talking about my life part of the weekend? This took over half an hour already x.X So onto the other things that I’ve been preoccupied with thinking about.

There was this really weird Popipo video I saw on my “recommended to watch list” on youtube that I watched so I went and looked up the series. Apparently that was a bad thing to do @_@ The series is called “Yandere no Onna no Ko” and is, you guessed it, about yandere girls. Creepy as hell it’s about girls going off and killing the people close to their beloved oniisan’s and yeah… I managed to find one of the stories completely subbed and it was really freaky how the girl would be all cutesy and then start yelling “WHO’S SCARY I KILLED HER FOR YOU!!!!” or something like that. Scared Allison pretty badly she was upset with me for watching it at all x.X It was actually pretty interesting though. I can’t imagine why anyone would even buy drama CD’s for something like that. I was just glad it wasn’t an anime though the fact that the CD was popular enough for a second one to be made is pretty disheartening. The comments on the video were pretty interesting too. There were arguments about what yandere meant and whether or not the girl was a proper yandere and why it was obviously geared towards guys and not girls. That answer was basically that guys have more fetishes like that in Japan x.X Of course, girls had to reply to that by saying that they love yandere characters. Yandere characters are scary T.T I’m never going to forget that story where Latvia made Sealand eat Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, and Belarus to make him “strong” because Latvia wanted Sealand to become a wonderful strong nation o_O

Anyway, link to the video is here. I’m not going to embed it in case anyone doesn’t read what I typed about it first and then freaks out.

Next! I don’t want people to think I only watch Hetalia videos D:< I watch a few VOCALOID videos too thank you very much >.> And plenty of abridged series actually x.X Anyway, this Phoenix Wrong video was really well done. Inappropriate (I’m not surprised) but really well done. My favorite part though has to be the beginning with the “Master Exploder” MV. It’s worth just watching that part alone I think.

Okay, and I couldn’t resist putting up these two videos. I mean, the one with Prussia is just like WTF?!? There is no way Gilbert is that gay. But yeah, the hills are alive with the sound of music~! And the second video is just cool. I do not have to only watch BL Hetalia videos >.> And, err, I guess that’s pretty much everything.

hetaliagraphics is having the voting for the fifth round and I would appreciate it if you guys would vote. You can do that here. I suppose I need to go do homework now.
16th-Jul-2009 05:58 pm (UTC)
Omigawd! Mystery Science Theater! xD That show is actually really funny. It's about a dood trapped in space and he and his robot are forced to watch really (and I mean really) bad horror movies! xD Man, it's hilarious!

And by the way, the phoenix wrong video is awesome! xD

:O That DOES sound like an exhausting dream.
26th-Jul-2009 05:04 am (UTC)
It took me forever to realize which part of the video you were referring to x.X I didn't get that part and just thought, "lame video part is lame" and wiped it from my mind xP

I don't know, I'm prone to weird dreams. I'm going to try typing about them more.
22nd-Jul-2009 03:51 am (UTC)
You type so much. @.@ Just wanted to comment on that before actually reading the entry. :P
26th-Jul-2009 05:04 am (UTC)
Lol, did you actually wind up reading the whole thing?
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