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In which a Poetic Title Enters the Consciousness
World Without End
Fanfiction: Ember 
19th-Oct-2007 07:37 pm
So, I was reading the la_corda_doro fic meme when I saw that someone requested a Fuyuumi x Kaji with the theme of baking cookies.  They called it "crack!tastic" and I found myself wondering why the pairing couldn't work.  Next think you know I've written a short drabble story for the pairing.  It's more of a friendship fic than anything else though.

Series:  La Corda d'Oro (金色のコルダ)
Title:  Ember
Pairing:  Fuyuumi x Kaji (friendship fic)
Rating:  K+/PG (depending on the scale you use)
Word Count:  206
Summary:  Sometimes people need help to become a flame.


Fuyuumi Shouko walked downcast down the hall when she bumped into someone scattering papers to the wind.

“E-excuse me!” she cried out as she fell to the floor.

“Don’t worry Fuyuumi-san!  I know it wasn’t on purpose,” a male voice replied.

Shouko looked up to find a smiling Kaji Aoi.  “K-Kaji-senpai!”  Embarrassed she quickly turned to the ground to pick up his fallen papers. 

Kaji laughed as she grabbed a glossed photo and glanced at its glossy cover.  “Kaho-senpai?” she murmured.

“Hai!” the blonde smiled.  “Doesn’t Hino-san just glow when she’s playing the violin?”

The sea green-haired girl sighed.  “Yes, her playing is so beautiful.  Kaho-senpai is so amazing to be able to command everyone’s attention when she plays.”

The second year laughed again.  “Hino-san may truly be amazing, but I think Fuyuumi-san glows too when she plays the clarinet.”

“M-me?!  No!  I-I could never—”

“Nonsense!  You might not burn as bright as Hino-san, but you shine like an ember being blown into a flame.  Don’t worry, one day you’ll glow just as much as your senpai and who knows?  Maybe by then I’ll be Fuyuumi-san’s fan instead of Hino-san’s” Kaji smiled like he held a secret that no one could ever know.

Shouko blushed.


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