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In which a Poetic Title Enters the Consciousness
World Without End
9th-Nov-2009 10:04 pm
America Approved
This is just going to be a post filled with links and whatever and then maybe I'll make an actual post after >.>

So yesterday I went on an SNL watching binge, so here are some awesome embedded videos xP

So you committed a crime and you think you can dance. Greatest reality show ever xP

I saw both of these movies! I'm excited to know he's going to be in the green lantern :D

I didn't know Gerard Butler was Scottish. I feel lame.

:DDDD There are no words, just watch this!

Haha, I love fairy tale parodies. This is much better than the weird A Whole New World parody.

And then I found three videos making fun of Obama! I liked two a lot so I posted them too >.>

THE ROCK OBAMA :DDD My favorite part is the reason for why the Republicans won't support health reform :]

This is how I really feel about Obama >.> This video is gold in every way.

And of course I finish with a video making fun of Norwegian accents :D I love the Nordic countries >.> I love how the mom and son support different baseball teams. Would never happen. SLAP EVERYTHING FIVE!!

And now for some random comics from this webcomic called GG-guys. They're just links so I'm not bothering to put them in a cut >.> Guitar Hero DBZ xPPP The New Zelda Game Vegeta vs. Naruto and Bathrooms are hard

Go watch the second Obama video! Oh, and just to be lame for now on the tag "news" refers to actual current events and the J-pop group xP
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