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In which a Poetic Title Enters the Consciousness
World Without End
This stupid borrowed laptop doesn't have typing in Japanese... 
1st-Nov-2010 11:31 am
Peace Sign America
Long time no see! A... lot of stuff has happened in the last few weeks. I'm still having a pretty hard time with things. After hours of crying and the like it's been decided that I'm not going to school next semester. I have a meeting with my class dean in an hour and a half to work out the logistics on that end, but yeah. I'll be home next semester. And if things go according to plan I'll be going to Mills for the year after that. Technically I'd still be a Wellesley student though which is nice I guess.

But this entry isn't supposed to talk about my poor life management skills or my annoying prescriptions with annoying side effects (my eye hasn't stopped twitching since last night and it's awkward feeling). I just wanted to make this entry to show that no, I'm not dead, to mention how far I am in P3P, to talk about my new obsession Soul Eater, and to write about my most recent dream. It's kind of a tall order so we'll see how that goes...

So yeah, I'm on January... 16th right now in the game? I'm amazed at how far I am. I don't really get how I'm supposed to max the Fortune social link on the next play through though... I've happily maxed I think 13 social links and have slept with Akihiko twice *cough* Agh, the second time was just so cliched and hilarious! I did it this morning so the whole thing is pretty fresh in my mind.

Akihiko was like, "Hey if you're not doing anything do you want to come to my room again?" and I totally know what that means so I was like "<3333 Of course Akihiko-sama!" I don't know why I call him Akihiko-sama. Especially considering that he asked Namie (my character's name) to call him Aki... Anyways we went to his room and he complained about how quiet it was and how I should start a conversation. I felt like that was a pretty dumb request so I decided to pick the awkward answer "Um... hello..." and he went "Ugh, nevermind let's let our bodies do the talking" and I started giggling because. Hello? Can you say cheesy? But that's why I love Akihiko-sama <3 And then I "spent a long time in his room" which is a pretty obvious euphemism.

But since I need to try to finish as many social links as possible I had to load a save file and go hang out with Yukari. Agh, her social link is super annoying. Yukari's about to get gang raped so you help her. "Why did you do that? I'm so pissed that I couldn't defend myself." Uh, hello? I'm pretty sure that teenage girls are incapable of protecting themselves when a group of guys are trying to rape them. Hell, it'd probably be nearly impossible to fight off a single attacker without the proper training. And now Yukari almost gets hit by a car. "Why did you help me? You're the leader! You can't risk dying and you got 'injured'!" Oh yeah, a scuffed hand. Please take me to the ER immediately. I'm not sure I'll make it. She's so annoying. And it sucks because outside of the social links she's pretty chill. Even if she has tons of gay overtones with Mitsuru-senpai.

I can't even blame her issues with her mom on it because Junpei has all those issues with his dad and his social link focuses on the fact that some dude is stalking me and selling pictures of me for guys to get off on. It's a fun mystery and it's adorable how much Junpei cares about chivalry all things considered.

But anyway, I've been mostly training lately. It's super annoying because Namie is strong enough to get crappy exp when she's with a party but I'm trying to level people up. I had picked Ken as my fourth person but then I realized that Aigis's buffs are super useful (I can't seem to make any personas that have the buffs I want in P3P -_-) so I had to train her up to get her up to snuff. She was like level 54 when my other party members were in the mid to high 70's so it was definitely a challenge. And then I was doing Elizabeth's challenges so I had to level up Junpei and Yukari. Which sucked. Junpei was level 24. Do you have any idea how hard it was to keep him alive long enough to get him to the 40s and 50s? It was friggin hard. I'd vaguely trained Yukari at times so she was already in the 40s but still. I think she's level 64 now. Which I suppose isn't terrible, but I'm level 86 so it really is. Argggghhh I want to be level 88 so I can make Helel. It'd be a testament to my love for Akihiko-sama <3 Yes, I am obsessed. Leave me alone.

But ugh it took forever to get to level 86 from level 84 so I am not looking forward to this. On the plus side I set things up so that on Kohryu I don't get any physical damage and on the Nioghhr or however you spell that *lazy* I don't get any magical damage and I have personas that protect me from both light and dark attacks so I'm having a pretty awesome time staying alive. Plus Akihiko's music box is hella useful. I don't have spend money on the clock anymore. Which is why I keep being at max money. Ugh, I want to do the bloody button quest because it's the only quest I can take right now, but even after blowing 2mill on fusing personas I still have 7.5mill and the 5mill from killing Death would go to waste. I'd have to spend plenty I guess if I tried to make the five and six persona fusions. It's kind of weird knowing that my compendium is complete enough for me to make all of them, even the ones I'm not a high enough level for... I have two more doors left for Elizabeth. The magic and endurance ones. I don't want to do them. Those stupid doors are so tedious. It took me like an hour to beat the strength door. Stupid changing resistances.

I am very obsessed with Soul Eater right now. It's hard though because there is not as much fandom as I thought there'd be considering how popular it sounded to me before I finally picked it up.
Anyway, as a complete tangent to what I was talking about. This video is awesome!

My name is MARKER!!! I don't know why I love this video so much...

I think that Soul Eater brings out some of the worst in me when it comes to fandom. I'm having great fun reading SoMa fanfiction and I absolutely adore Soul. Which also seems unpopular since Death the Kid is considered the most popular character. But Soul is just so hot... I seem to be into silver haired dudes this year. Agh, Soul is so awesome. And he was so adorable in the Lust part of the book of Eibon. Everyone should read this comic. Soul is way too good at being catty and the person drew Soul extremely attractively to me in the first panel. Click the download link to have an easier time reading the text.

Uh, what else... I don't quite know why but I'm totally totally into the whole insanity/madness thing. It's just... I don't know. Amazing! My favorite part of the manga so far was only like, three pages long but it was when Maka let the Black Blood take over. So for Halloween I watched Soul Eater episodes and I saw the insanity part that I loved in the manga and it was waaaay too short. It was way more awesome than the manga though getting to hear Maka's giggle and her expressions! It was perfect! I could watch for forever. And I sort of watched that one scene three times today... I WANT TO OWN THE SOUL EATER ANIME!! I have part one but I need part 2 for the insanity thing and since I'd have half at that point I need the other two too T_______T

Man, there's so much I want to say about Soul Eater, but I don't know what to add at this moment...

Man, it's been a long time since I've posted anything about dreams. I kind of want to post this some other time considering how long this post is already (I'm writing this part last) but I'll probably forget otherwise...

This dream was pretty epic. I was going to some sort of a finishing school I think. It was still Wellesley, but I was in like, a boarding house instead of a dorm. Anyway, I went to Boston with Lalita, but it was more like, an Asian shopping center back home combined with the part of Harvard Square when you start walking away from Harvard Square towards Porter Square. So where was I... Oh yeah, so Lalita and I were in this shopping center and we went to a bookstore and um, did something else I can't quite remember. But then Lalita got a text from Diana saying that she and Jennifer were around doing Wellesley Anime stuff so Lalita wanted to say hi quickly to them. I had somewhere I wanted to go to as well so we agreed to split up and meet at the bus stop in about twenty minutes. I got there a few minutes late and Lalita wasn't there.

I waited an hour but she wasn't there and since we'd already missed the bus for the next hour I had to walk around aimlessly trying to find Lalita. I found Lalita and Jennifer taking naps on the grass a ways away from the bus stop. I was ready to get mad but then Diana said that Lalita was just talking and hanging out but then they got tired and went to sleep. Someone needed to do the Wellesley Anime stuff so Diana stayed awake to work on it. I pointed out that Lalita was an hour and a half late for when we were supposed to meet and she told me I was overreacting. Apparently I was upset enough to wake the two up. Jennifer said "hi" but I ignored her and I told Lalita that she could stay if she wanted but I was going to go to the bus stop. I decided that I wanted milk tea and since I had a bit of time and was by myself I wanted to pick a bottle up at a Korean market. I picked a Korean market because I wanted barley tea also. I found a market on my way back to the bus stop and Lalita caught up to me when I was looking at the barley tea in the entrance trying to decide which was good. Lalita helped me pick a tea and then we went to the cold drinks section where I got a pet bottle of Milk Tea. I had a coupon for a dollar off and went to the register to pay.

That's when my patience really ran thin. The guy at the register was a jerk and didn't want to take my coupon. Apparently my coupon was white and that meant something or the other. Lalita took the pile of coupons for giving out (which were red) and said something in Korean to the cashier and then she gave him money and gave me a coupon. He then counted something out and put it in this little pink bag and gave it to me. It had dollar coins in it so I was pretty sure it wasn't my change so I asked Lalita if it was hers and she said it was. I waited to get my receipt but the guy just stared at the register for a long time and then said that I was a winner. I don't remember how I won, but I did. I thought I'd get like a totebag or something so I asked what the prize was and he told me I had to come back in two weeks and then he could tell me. Well, I said that I didn't have time to come back in two weeks and got mad. He then stopped saying anything to me because apparently speaking in English was beneath him (I say beneath him because he didn't have an accent when using English).

Lalita saw that I was getting pissed so she started talking to him and in the end he pointed at a side counter like where you buy lottery tickets and salonpas except it had glassware and jewelry and then he left and got some woman who I'm pretty sure was the manager. The lady told me that I won the choice of a pair of crystal earrings or something, but the shipment hadn't come in yet so that was why I couldn't get it yet. I also was going to get a photobook of this beautiful place in Ireland with waterfalls and stuff and apparently there were different versions and I was going to get to pick the version I wanted once they came in. Apparently some of the versions didn't come in a very large quantity so I was promised to get to pick before they started selling them. I also had the option of going to Ireland to the place in the photobooks with a group from the local Korean church so I could actually see the place in the photobook. I was pretty confused that I got such an elaborate prize for having a receipt at this special time or something but I thanked the woman and left.

Then there was a time skip and I was at the boarding house eating dinner. During dinner I mentioned the barley tea and half of the package was filled with senbei. I got mad because a little girl grabbed the package and opened it to get to the senbei and almost spilled the tea. I took the things back to my room and then called Mom to tell her about how strange my day was. I didn't have a cell phone so I used a corded phone by the dining room on the ground floor of the boarding house. She was very excited for me and said that I should definitely go to Ireland. I expressed fear in going by myself but she insisted it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and since it was a New Year's trip I wouldn't be missing school or anything. I reminded her that that didn't matter since I wasn't going to school next semester and she just agreed with me. After that I kept talking to her until I woke up.

It's not like I haven't been having detailed dreams lately. I still have them with relative frequency, but I have been having a harder time remembering them. Since I myself was in the story this time I guess it was more relatable and I didn't forget.

OMG LittleKuriboh literally just put up episode 50 of YGO: Abridged!

End = Epic!

Oh, and I've become a major fan of SMA >.> But the account just got deleted!!!!!! T__________T


Uh, I guess that's everything.
1st-Nov-2010 06:42 pm (UTC)
Oh my goodness. You have amazing dream retention skills...I just remember that the night before last I had a dream involving Pokemon, and how the concept for it was created in 1815. .__.

Stephanie dressed-up-ish as that kid for Soul Eater a last year, I remember. :) She tried to do that white hair thing, but I don't think it worked out.

So you're going to stay in California then? :'D Mills is in Oakland right? I think I got postcards from them last year, haha.

Well, I hope everything goes as planned! (Apparently my mom's going to have lunch with yours today.)

Now off to do my math homework! Byeeee.
1st-Nov-2010 06:53 pm (UTC)
Whoa someone read this! Death the Kid? That sounds vaguely familiar. The white stripes in the hair right? The one with all white hair is Soul <333

But Soul is soooo much cooler. Agh, he even uses ore-sama sometimes it's hilarious. Though Black*Star is great since he uses ore-sama and daze xP

The Mills part doesn't seem to be going that well at the moment, but I will be home next semester. Are you going to still be home next semester?

Ewwww I have a philosophy paper to write x.X
2nd-Nov-2010 01:01 am (UTC)
Yeah, she dressed up as Death the Kid.
I'm not sure if I'll be home next semester...if what I'm working on goes through, then it'll all be okay. .___.

Good luck on the philosophy paper. I hate writing papers. Too much effort.
3rd-Nov-2010 12:32 am (UTC)
What are you working on? I'm totally outdated on what's going on...

The paper is not going well. I don't mind writing papers, but philosophy papers kind of suck...
3rd-Nov-2010 06:39 am (UTC)
....Wow, January 16th...

...[looks at December 2nd save file]
...[looks at midterms]
...Oh well, I already beat the game once. :')

Also, I don't like the ending to the Soul Eater anime, but the manga is still ongoing and I MUST SHIP SOULxMAKA. IT'S CANON RIGHT? IT'S CANON. ;~;
3rd-Nov-2010 07:02 am (UTC)
Aren't you proud of me? I mean, considering how I am with every other game I play... I'm level 87 right now! Almost level 88 D:<

You mean the P3 FES version or did you already get onto your second playthrough on P3P?

I'm only on episode 23 of the Soul Eater anime and I think everyone dislikes the ending of the Soul Eater anime, but since it's being reaired in Japan right now there's speculation that there might be a second season like in Haruhi Suzumiya. Since I haven't gotten to the end of the series I'm not really sure how that would work...

The manga is awesome though! Did you read the DA comic I linked to? I love it dearly. I have been favoriting comics. This comic is very relevant to recent comics as well xP
4th-Nov-2010 05:01 am (UTC)
I feel like Black*Star went full homo when he found out that Tsubaki was the most perverted. I remember him totally trying to peek on her in a bath during his first chapter, why the crap WOULDN'T he want to sleep in the same room as her?

I mean the P3 FES version. I haven't done much P3P since school started. I'm at DEPRESSING DECEMBER though.
4th-Nov-2010 02:42 pm (UTC)
I have to agree with you there. Seriously. And he also should have known. I mean, she never protested the actual peeping. She only didn't like the fact that he didn't do a good job at hiding his presence. I would think that if Black*Star were a man he would try to seduce Tsubaki >.> Especially considering that her man version is well... a lot like Black*Star.

Though I have to say I'm kind of amazed at the lack of action between Soul and Blair as well... I mean, I know that [I believe] that Soul is in love with Maka, but still!

I don't remember why December is depressing. I just remember the date I went on with Akihiko for Christmas Eve and how the next day I maxed his social link and managed to get my maid outfit which he admitted distracted him and then when I went into Tartarus on Christmas he said that everything was wonderful as long as he was with me. Akihiko-sama is way too cliched but I love him anyway <3

Level 88. Already made Helel
4th-Nov-2010 04:13 pm (UTC)
December is when RYOOOOOOJI happens, and everyone goes super emo before going like "Ok screw this we're fighting Nyx."

In any case, Blair's usually the one that acts. Soul is just like, "Dude, a cool person respects women. Ok? Ok." [rides off on motorcycle]
4th-Nov-2010 04:47 pm (UTC)
Oh yeah, I wondered if that was what you meant. I didn't actually care all that much. Though I have to say, between the trip and Mitsuru's conversation with Yukari about the choice I felt some definite gay vibes... Also, I found it annoying because it's not like their decisions actually mattered. I'm the one that has to kill him -_-

I know, but I find it extremely adorable that Soul resists Blair. The end of the first episode (because Soul and Maka look way too young in the manga at that point) when Maka gave that speech and Soul made that comment about how cool guys don't cheat. That was it. I was in love with Soul. And I kind of felt like Soul and Maka were really dumb since they equate fighting together as being a relationship equivalent to dating (though it feels more like marriage)

Oh! And episode 14! I could not stop giggling at the sound Soul made when Blair interrupted his "studying"
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