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In which a Poetic Title Enters the Consciousness
World Without End
I couldn't think of a subject title... 
6th-Mar-2008 11:02 pm
Ugh from Lucky Star
So yeah...  my prediction came to pass...  I cried a lot today (the first time was indeed in front of Vincent).  Alas, I am an emotional wreck.  And I'm going to fail my econ midterm tomorrow too >.>

So poetry for me is going to hell.  I didn't do anything today because it's the source of my crying.  So yeah...  On the bright side I got my first play asia affiliates order!  Yay My-neoromance! <333  So now I have approximately $3 in my affiliates fund :D

Onto my play asia sales!  ureshii_na taught me that I can even affiliate the main page x.X

Beautiful Katamari Damacy Original Soundtrack (It's on sale! :O), School Calendar 2008/2009: NEWS (It was out of stock yesterday @_@), Signal 004 - LAST ALLIANCE (this group is way under appreciated), Signal 004 [CD+DVD Limited Edition] - LAST ALLIANCE, Re:Frain - LAST ALLIANCE,

PS ureshii_na and kindofinfinite I totally reply to comments so yeah >.>
7th-Mar-2008 07:54 am (UTC)
aaaah on crying no crying!!!

but i cried about my own econ course too >_> and failed the course _._;; I wasn't having a very good semester all around though =\ I didn't really like any of my courses and ended up sleeping in a lot...which probably accounted for my failing. But it's not a necessary course and it was one of the reasons why i dropped Business Major. I understood the stuff, but when it came to test time..i failed.


*hughugs* it's okay D:
8th-Mar-2008 06:34 am (UTC)
Thanks Laena. I remember your strife with Econ on the forum >.< It's more poetry than econ that has me down. Poetry class just eats up my whole life and it kind of drives me insane. It makes me wonder why I dropped the class and picked it back up -_-
8th-Mar-2008 06:35 am (UTC)
>_O;; Just let it flow D: And focus on imagery and what happens :O Maybe focus on an experience (though I don't know what you're supposed to do for each poem xD)


I also have mind blockages _._ I can't seem to get a focus for my poems..
7th-Mar-2008 08:48 am (UTC)
*swim-flies over and gives her a comforting nudge before disappearing*
8th-Mar-2008 06:23 am (UTC)
i bet you did not fail econ as much as i probably did! (:
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