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In which a Poetic Title Enters the Consciousness
World Without End
WARNING: Crazy Post 
29th-Apr-2011 12:07 am
Looking for Something

So I'm at the final battle for my second playthrough of P3P which is like fine and dandy but I'm uber pissed because my compendium is at 99% NINETY NINE!!!!! Because I missed a stupid date with Theodore because he has a stupid hat and I hate him. Because of this injustice I will probably hate him forever.

Anyway, that's like, the set-up I guess. The second thing is that I saw an ad on Pixiv today for a new Quinrose game and then I was all T______T I wanna install my Alice game~ DDDD: And I went crazy downloading all the wallpapers from all the games that've come out since then. I downloaded OP's too so I'll probably upload them to youtube sometime tomorrow. I think quinrose made a BL game xD

After that I was all >///////////< Wanna order Omocha or something. There're like a bazillion PSP versions of their games now so it was like 買いたいいいいいいい but I couldn't remember the name of Himeya's shop and I was pretty sure they closed anyway so I went searching for it and finally broke down and googled My Neoromance's forum and found the link and the site didn't exist anymore. BUT I found a link to Kaho's lj and then I remembered her explanation of the P3P adventures of Hamuko and I had to reread them and they're amazing as expected.


OMG it's so funny and everyone went to bed already and it's so hard being quiet. It was great comparing my experiences with hers and as a result the English versus the Japanese versions.

Some great quotes:

Anyway, then he tells you for some reason he used to think it was fun hanging out with you but nowadays whenever he is with you, he just feels like he is on a roller coaster ride, with his emotions going up and down.

So I told him,


Then Sanada was like, "OHHHH, SO THIS IS LOVE. OKIES!"

So throughout Amada's events, he kept saying that he is sad for being the little boy and wanted to become more "adult" for you, and he keeps asking with his veryyyy innocent eyes stuff like, "Am I better than Sanada senpai? Would you pick me instead of Sanada senpai?"

And I was forced MANY times to lie to the little boy and tell him that yes, I would pick him over Sanada any day.

HAHAHAHA, ebil choices again.
1. I swear. (Yeah, lie blatantly)
2. I love you too~ (avoid the question with something sweet)
3. Errr.... (I cant lie...)

But since I am ebil, I picked the first one 8DDD
(actually I picke the 2nd one first, but then he realised that I wasnt willing to swear and he thought I was a little subtle. But still he was sure he will endeavour to make me eventually pick him)

Anyway, I picked the first one and lied to his face 8DDD

I actually picked the second one and since I hadn't saved for awhile didn't really care so I better get the romance endings at the end D:< OTHERWISE I WILL BE ANGRY. Who cares if I didn't sleep with Ken? It's obvious that the apple of my eye is Akihiko and his dorky "Let's be quiet and let our bodies do the talking". I don't know if I'd want a guy actually like that I might die of laughter first.

But seriously I am so pissed about Theo or Theodore or whatever the hell he wants to be called. I think of him as "that stupid little brother" for now on I shall call him Otouto-chan. Anyway Otouto-chan is super annoying and since it was my second playthrough I didn't care about the quests as much because I though I KEPT MY STUPID KEY ITEMS but that was a Lieeeee. I get to keep all my velvet keys and whatever in P4 but not in P3P nooooo they just let you keep your level and all of your equips and money.

Seriously, I have like 16 atlus sticks and I am not even lying. The second playthrough went so well too. I maxed every social link but Aigis's (I didn't want to be violated by a robot again). I went o_O at Yukari's even more blatant lesbianism than the first game. I laughed to death at Mitsuru's awkward crush on me. I REPLAYED THE LAST WEEK OF GAMEPLAY OVER SIX TIMES TO MAX FOUR SOCIAL LINKS IN A WEEK. I spent 6 million yen on personas guessing to fill the last ten percent of my compendium. I beat Death in four turns using just basic attacks. I have over 18 personas at level 99 in my compendium and four with 99 for all four stats. I WORKED SO HARD!!! My party is all level 99. The lowest level is 72 for all of my people.

I did EVERYTHING! But no. I don't have Thoth so my compendium is at 99% and I have to play another round. I feel like I should be a girl again to finish Otouto-chan's stupid dates but I'm tired. Akihiko is so hard to win over. Junpei won't date you no matter what Kevin says. I spent all of Ken's route being afraid of when he'd try to jump me and being frustrated that Akihiko wouldn't sleep with me. He didn't invite me to his room until after I maxed his link this time. I don't know what to think of that. Will I not get the romance ending because of that? DO I REALLY HAVE TO DO THIS A THIRD TIME?!?!?
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